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Payment Systems for HYIP

The main element of the successful functioning of HYIP is the payment aggregator that conducts all financial operations. There is a huge number of online payment systems that allows the heads of HYIP to choose the one that meets their needs and requirements. Each electronic provider has its own characteristics and recognition, and it performs different functions. HYIP founders want to cooperate with well-known payment systems because they want to ensure credible service for their clients.

The HYIP industry operates on a semi-legal basis. That is why not every financial institution wants to be associated with such programmes. It is obvious that a payment system is the best solution for HYIP projects. Some payment operators have a more tolerant policy towards HYIP.
Best Payment Providers for HYIP Industry, According to Laucharge
PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvancedCash, and Bitcoin are the most common online payment systems for HYIP projects. All these systems are tolerant to high-risk businesses and prepared to run HYIP operations. Each provider has its own characteristics that HYIP runners should take into account before making a choice.
Perfect Money
PerfectMoney is under the Panama's jurisdiction which tells about its autonomy from politics of other governments and their control over the system.
The advantages of the system defined by Laucharge:
Perfect Money is an anonymous payment system. The system is used by a large number of clients, including high-risk organizations with high profits. PerfectMoney does not block activities of HYIP projects and does not track client transactions.
high level of security
low fees
payment anonymity
free maintenance
authorization of payments via SMS
slow tech support
complex verification system
Payeer is the most multifunctional payment system. It is an international system. Payeer offers a wide range of payment methods for withdrawals and deposits so users can choose the most convenient one.
Payeer issues its own cards that can be used in many countries. Payeer transactions can be made through banks, mobile payments, and terminals

Payeer, according to Laucharge, has the following advantages:
anonymous withdrawal of funds

service requires no obligatory verification
no limit on the amount of transactions
payment authorization via SMS
supports different currencies
has a currency exchange within the system
security of operations
high exchange fees within the system
no refund
AdvancedCash is the youngest payment system. It appeared only in 2014 and soon established itself on the international market. This is the main competitor of PerfectMoney.
AdvancedCash offers the lowest fees for services and does not charge for exchange of payments within the system. Th ese are the preferable conditions for the HYIP projects which are spared the additional expenses. Anonymity of transactions is also provided for users.

The advantages of AdvancedCash:
high level of security
free payment authorization via SMS
free currency exchange within the system
supports different currencies
smooth system operation

slow tech support
complex verification system
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency payment system. It is gaining enormous popularity. Bitcoin is known for its high level of security: fraudsters cannot steal cryptocurrency without a special identification password that allows access to funds
The main advantages of Bitcoin are:
brand recognition
deflationary currency
ossibility to make transfers 24/7
you have to pay separately for the transaction confirmation
delayed transactions
volatility of the currency
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