Payment Systems for Gambling

Gambling is one of the most common ways to make money online. The industry's profit is steadily increasing because of the surge of users and the increasing number of gambling platforms
This industry is the product of e-commerce so all financial operations, including deposits and withdrawals, are made through virtual payment systems. These systems act as intermediaries in processing transactions between the players and the gambling business owners and they receive a certain fees for their services .
Integration of payment platforms with online casino ensures the necessary functioning of this business and ensures implementation of important financial operations.
According to Laucharge, the advantages of a payment system outweigh traditional services:
fast transaction processing
convenience and accessibility
monitoring of expenses
Choosing a Payment System
Choosing the right payment provider is a complex process that needs to be addressed responsibly. Each payment aggregator has its own characteristics and a number of advantages that needs to be considered before making a decision. You need a system that fully meets your requirements. Laucharge will make this process simple.
You have to take into consideration the following criteria:
Easy payment process
Service's credibility
Fees rate
Technical reliability:
saving time is an important issue because users prefer online platforms that provide fast transfers
eusers do not like complex payment system and multi-level verification
licensed and popular payment systems inspire trust in customers
operator must secure transactions and user data, provide fraud monitoring
gambling businesses are interested in low fees for payment system's services
major payment services provide operations in different currencies, it allows online casino owners to function on the international market
payment systems that guarantee a good tech support and a successful running of a system provide better service to the customers
The Best Payment Systems
There are many payment systems that provide successful service for their customers. Each provider has certain characteristics and advantages over the other ones.
The following systems, according to Laucharge, are the most popular and most commonly used in gambling industry:
VISA is one of the most popular services that conduct financial transactions. It functions in more than 200 countries and supports major currencies. You need to fill in your personal data and a card number in the special form on the gambling platform in order to use this system for payments. VISA guarantees confidentiality and non-disclosure of the personal information .
The advantages of VISA are:
efficiency of transactions
user-friendly service
notifications about payments
MasterCard is a large international system that cooperates with a large number of online casinos. This is one of the most recognizable and reputable brands.
In order to perform financial transactions you must fill in your MasterCard number and enter your personal data.

Yandex.Money is a Russian payment system. Users are attracted by the user-friendly interface, the availability of a mobile app and browser client, and the wide range of functions. Yandex.Money supported only one currency until 2019. Now it is a multi-currency system. In order to use Yandex.Money services you have to undergo verification.
WebMoney is a popular payment provider that has been operating since 1998. The system supports different currencies and cooperates with international clients. The service guarantees full data confidentiality and payment security. WebMoney has three verification options and extra confirmation methods.
Maestro is a subsidiary of MasterCard. It functions on the Russian market so there is no possibility of integration with foreign online casinos. It has a quite wide range of functions.
Neteller is an international payment system. The service functions in more than 200 countries. In order to make payments via Neteller you have to sign up in the system and undergo verification.
The advantages of MasterCard are as follows:
The advantages of the payment system defined by Laucharge are:
The advantages of WebMoney defined by Laucharge are:
The advantages of Maestro:
The advantages of the system are:
fast transfers
user-friendly service
system's recognition
multi-currency system
confidentiality of data
smooth running
low fees
cooperation with other systems
payment security
each operation is confirmed via email
fast transfers
safe transactions
customer data security
availability of transaction history
fast transactions
good bonus programs
efficient transactions
fraud monitoring
guarantee of transaction security
Connection of a Payment System to Gambling Platforms
Integration between the online casino and the payment provider can be divided into several steps:
Choosing a payment provider:
Proof of ownership:
Signing of an agreement:
you should decide what you need for your website and whether payment system meets your requirements. A good solution is to hire several services so users can choose the most convenient one for them.
online casino owner receives the manual on how to pass the moderation of site in the selected payment system.
you will need to provide a certain set of documentation to confirm the legitimacy of your business.
connecting the payment provider to the gambling platform. This process is ensured by payment operator's programmers using API and FTP.

Online casino owners can gain a lot of money thanks to an efficient payment system that provides customer convenience and smooth running of transactions.

Laucharge guarantees security and efficiency of operations, availability, user-friendly service, and complete confidentiality of the customers' personal data.

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