What Are eVouchers from Laucharge?
This is an electronic method of making various transactions, receiving and withdrawing funds, paying for goods and services through payment systems, credit cards, etc., which most often does not require full user verification.
Users buy eVouchers for some amount of money and transfer them to recipients as a payment, who in turn can withdraw funds through any payment aggregator.

The eVouchers system is an international service. It operates in more than 100 countries. Transactions are most often made in euro and dollars. Electronic vouchers are gaining popularity and it leads to the establishment of new eVoucher systems.
Client's Verification
To purchase eVouchers from the Laucharge partners user must fill out a mandatory form, confirm their email address. There will be a link sent to an email address, user should use it to activate the account. However, since this user identification is quite simple and incomplete there are restrictions on the purchase amount of eVoucher (up to 100$).
If user needs eVouchers for larger amounts of money (up to 24,999,999$), he or she needs to undergo a more complete verification. They are required to give an email address, a mobile phone number, residential address, and scans of passport data.

How to Get eVouchers in Laucharge

You can purchase eVouchers in fixed sizes and for a fixed time period (e.g., 30$ for 7 days) so user has an opportunity to choose the most suitable option for him. When the payment is completed, user is sent an eVoucher number, which allows receiving funds equal to the amount of eVoucher.
How to Withdraw eVouchers
Money from eVouchers can be withdrawn through various payment systems. The most common are:
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