Credit Cards

Accepting and processing payments on websites may seem like a rather complicated process. Our goal is to make this process as simple and convenient as possible. We will help you find the most reliable and profitable solution for your company and organize it. Laucharge provides services to all kinds of activity, businesses, startups and high-risk companies.
Laucharge can offer:
Organization of an online payment system
Cooperation with businesses of any risk level
A minimum amount of intermediaries
User-friendly interface
Individual approach to each client
Wide range of payment aggregators
Credible partner banks
Fast integration
No hidden fees
No technical malfunction
Purchase of cryptocurrencies via credit card
Accepting cryptocurrency payments
Only modern technologies
Merchant Account
A merchant account is a package of various payment systems attached to your website for accepting and processing payments received from sales of your company's products. All systems are linked to a single bank account. The benefits of merchant account are the availability of acquiring, fast integration, and a wide range of payment aggregators. Laucharge cooperates with credible processing centers and payment aggregators.
This solution is for:
Everyone who is engaged in e-commerce
online stores.
sole proprietors
high- risk companies
small and medium-sized businesses

Connecting a Merchant Account for High-Risk Organizations:

Companies with high risk often operate not only locally but also internationally. Accordingly, these organizations have rather strict confidentiality requirements. High-Risk services include Forex markets, brokering, gambling, tourism, tobacco sales, etc. High-Risk companies spend large amounts of money on a merchant account. They are also required to provide a large set of documents.
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