Betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the expected outcome. Sports betting is gaining huge popularity and it is considered to be one of the most famous types of gambling. Betting has become one of the most profitable ways to earn money because of a developing e-commerce.
The Betting Process:
Creating an account on the bookmaker's website
User verification: you need to enter the requested personal information
Adding money to your account
Bidding on the preferred event, waiting for results
Making a request to withdraw money
Betting sites offer several methods to add money to your account:
by using bank cards
through payment system
via e-wallets
via mobile payment
through a terminal

Payment System for Sports Betting

Online betting is convenient for users because of the availability and the high speed of betting processing. Online sportsbooks need a well functioning payment system to provide convenient arrangements for online betting and reliability of operations.

However, opening a merchant account for bookmakers comes with some risks. Betting is considered a high-risk business and not everyone is willing to cooperate with it. That is why it is important to find a payment aggregator that supports online betting sites, despite the existing risks.
Laucharge provides various payment methods, security and fraud monitoring of transactions, and also has an easy and simple interface.

Selection Criteria of a Payment System
In order to choose the right payment operator for your sports betting website, you need to review all features, functions and advantages that each system offers.
You should pay attention to the following indicators:
high conversion rate:
a wide range of payment methods:
simple interface:
fast integration:
low fees:
fraud monitoring:
smooth operation:
data analysis:
the ratio of successful transactions to the total number of payments is more than 85%
it is important that provider offers access to the most popular payments methods so customers can use the preferable one
provider must guarantee the security of customer data and payment information
customers should be able to easily use service, it is one of the apparent advantages of a system
operator provides speedy optimization of all processes on bookmaker's website
major payment aggregators offer fixed rates for each operation
operator should successfully block all suspicious transactions and activities of scammers
aggregator ensures steady operation of service and speed of transactions
customers have access to various analytical tools (statistics, history of payments, calculation of conversion)
Connection of a Payment System
Connection via API: full system's integration with implementation of all functions
Laucharge suggests two alternatives to integrate the payment system with the betting platform:
Connection via CMS: installment of the ready-made software that allows you to manage the content and site settings
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